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One way to take care of yourself this 2022

With the new year in place, it's also the perfect time to set new goals. That's what January is for, right? Testing those resolutions and trying to stick to them!

Whether it's at home or in the workplace, it's important to look after yourself in both aspects, and what better way to start 2022 than with planning new ways of taking care of your body both mentally and physically.

As the world learned back in 2020, things can turn around pretty quickly and we don't know where our lives will lead us. That could be a new change to permanently working at home, or going back to the workplace after a long time with new rules in place, or possibly even a complete career change. Especially with lockdowns, stricter safety measures, and many all over the world spending more time at home over the last two years, taking care of oneself and one's wellness has become a bigger topic. Guardian Australia recently asked its readers to share how the pandemic has made them rethink their lives, in which one reader mentioned that "the pandemic has made me consider working differently" after beginning their working life with long hours, and another stated that "physical health has become more of a priority" in which they were able to focus on their weight management and hair loss with a change of pace in their work.

With that being said, one suggestion we at Rest Space strongly recommend for a new year goal is focusing on our sleep and how we manage our routine. It may sound so simple, but it's something that still needs a lot of research and exploring. Rest is vital for a human to be able to function well and that isn't just the 7, 8, 9 hours our bodies should be getting per night, but also a power nap throughout the day. This is for anyone working in any kind of role or industry, in case you may be thinking this is targeted at those only working extremely long shifts. A quick break for your brain and body can help you regain your energy to continue with what the rest of your day brings at similar levels pre-nap, no matter if it is a workday or a day off!

Whatever it is we may be doing, as little as 10-15 minutes of your eyes closed can leave us feeling more refreshed, more productive, and more motivated. Sleep is important for a human to be able to navigate through their day-to-day life with complete focus and concentration. A UK survey has found that one in four doctors in the NHS are so tired that their ability to treat patients has become impaired. One consultant mentioned that their "sleep deprivation was affecting my daily work and I didn’t realise it until a near miss happened".

Though important to note a nap shouldn't be substituted for missed hours in one's sleeping schedule, it can reduce the risk of any kinds of accidents and harm, as well as reduce the chances of illnesses such as heart disease. The immune system is strengthened by receiving the rest we need and it is essential we maintain a schedule that aligns with our body's preferences. A short quiet time per day can increase your alertness, clear your mind and reduce stress. Being able to implement such a booster into your day brings you more benefits and positives for yourself and your body than one may think or know.

And of course, if you are returning to work in the office, in person, maybe at the hospital - wouldn't it be great to have an actual rest area? Or even just some time to nap? You may have heard stories of people napping at work (and even while working from home). In a study done by Plushbeds, 68% of respondents admitted to having napped at work before. With an aim for napping to become more common, napping areas and nap pods come into question. It'd be great to bring up the idea for your workplace if it isn't already being discussed - more employees and employers should be encouraged to take these resting factors into account.

And this is what we strive for at Rest Space - to bring more awareness of the importance of sleep, and normalising napping! Make it an area to focus on if you haven't yet got many ideas and are still looking at ways to make this a better year. We are happy to provide a source of materials throughout our website, blogs, and other social networks, as well as become a point of contact for more information!


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