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Our story

What's the story behind [Rest Space]?

Why is it normal for Supa to get 5 Pret filters a day rather than a 20 min rest?


Why is it normal for Kate to hear others also seeking solitude in the restroom for a quick nap?


Why is it normal for teams to sugar overload with energy drinks coke, sweets, and donuts to get them through the afternoon?


We don’t believe this should be normal.


While working in finance and consulting, we had the stark realisation that these were not isolated incidents but part of a larger systemic issue affecting many. 

We built alliances with like-minded professionals and engaged in extensive research to ensure our approach was grounded in knowledge and expertise.


Driven by our experiences and a shared vision for change, we aim to redefine the way people approach rest in the workplace.


An extraordinary transformation requires an extraordinary solution. We are the 1% that dares to build a physical product while everyone else builds in the cloud


Rest Space is building a future that empowers people to be more productive, focused and creative, especially in the moments that matter most


We are doing this because rest is the cornerstone of a healthy society.

Brand Values


We believe in user comfort whether that's in appealing to people with invisible illnesses who struggle to make it through the typical workday without a rest, or just curating a safe and private space within the workplace for any employee. We want to provide a bit of peace, sanctuary and calm at work.



It’s important that we share just why napping is so great for you - the sleep science behind it: the best times to nap, the duration for the best naps and the many health benefits. We empower people to make the choices they need to improve their well-being by making the latest understanding accessible and actionable.



We know how great it feels to wake up rejuvenated after a nap so we want to provide that boost of energy and productivity within a busy work environment. We want to inspire fresh ideas, positive attitudes and refresh employees through the power of napping. 



Despite utilising the latest sleep tech, we put familiarity first with a feel at home environment within the rest spaces. We know napping comes easier when it’s somewhere you feel familiar. We avoid futuristic designs and stick to warm, familiar aesthetics.



We want businesses and users to feel good about how we operate. That means being accessible and transparent. We put people and the planet first because we care about doing things the right way. We want our rest spaces to be used for the right reasons - for the betterment of people and businesses.



We’re revolutionising sleep and workplaces, using the latest science, without sacrificing familiarity and comfort. We're refining the traditional workplace through connecting practices back to established habits and techniques.


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Kate Mulligan


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Supa Chantschool

Co- founder

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