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We want to help you rediscover the joys of napping 

We want to share our knowledge and journey into the beautiful world of sleep

We want to hear from you and share your stories.

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What our workshop partakers say
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I have personally have gained a lot in understanding my own sleeping hygiene better!

I was sceptical about the value I would take out of it,

Now, not only is my understanding of concepts much stronger, but I have a better idea of how to implement sleep advice meaningfully into my daily routine.

It was very informative and motivated me to improve quality of sleep. 


Napping is sleep, to make the most of napping we help people understand their sleep. Our workshops leave you with motivation to improve your sleep.
They are designed to give you information, action and motivation to make the most of your sleep.

We run workshops for organisations to help their audiences understand and utilise sleep to improve their wellbeing leadership and physical fitness. Contact us for more information and availability.


Sleep for leadership

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Sleep for wellbeing

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Sleep for physical fitness

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