Frequently asked questions

How are the Rest Spaces kept clean?

Each Rest Space is fitted with an air purification ventilation to give you fresh clean air in the space. The upholstery is hospital-grade antimicrobial. It has an easy to clean surface for minimal maintenance time

How much does a Rest Space cost?

Rest Space has a competitive price. Please get in touch with us if you are interested in purchasing a Rest Space.

How big is a Rest Space?

Each Rest space is L: 2m W: 1.2m H: 1.5m This includes the storage area for shoes and bags as well as the resting space. The resting space is high enough for you to comfortably sit up inside providing a cosy feeling Please contact us for bespoke sizes and additional requirements.

What's next for Rest Space?

Rest Space is connecting with companies who want to promote wellness with in their organisations through sleep, and allow their employees to benefit from the productivity and creativity advantages of nap pods.

If you are interested in sleep webinars or [Rest Spaces] please contact us to find out more.

We are also excited to collaborate with organisation in a similar space.