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  • How to Best Promote Napping in the Workplace

    The Problem Although there has been an increase in the prominence of napping in the workplace, with 80% of Gen-Z workers having admitted to taking naps at work, there still remains a significant portion of people who buy into the negative stigma associated with napping at work. Some of these stigmas link napping with laziness and will often associate napping with children and the elderly. However, this viewpoint can be damaging for those who struggle with sleep in an increasingly sleep-deprived society. According to a study done by Atomik Research, 21% of employees choose not to talk about their sleep related problems due to fears that it would hold back their careers. In order to better support these employees and their wellbeing, napping should be promoted in the workplace. Napping in the workplace is not unheard of. Countries such as Spain, Italy, Japan, and China all have customs in which employees are given the opportunity to nap during work hours. In Japan and China, these naps are seen as a way to demonstrate hard work and also improve concentration and performance at work. Many companies in the U.S. and the U.K. have also embraced napping in the workplace. Here are some ways to help promote napping in your workplace. Education Education about napping is one of the key ways to dispel the stigma surrounding napping in the workplace. Some points to mention are the health benefits, as the Cleveland Clinic states that napping can improve employees’ performance and boost their memories, all of which are important to the wellbeing of employees. For employers, one of the main reasons to consider workplace napping are the productivity benefits of napping; a Harvard study showed that a 20-30 minute nap boosted employee productivity and NASA found that naps as short as 26 minutes increased performance and alertness by 34% and also led to a 16% increase in reaction time. Furthermore, education about how to nap is just as important as learning about the benefits of napping. For instance, the Mayo Clinic recommends that naps last only about 10-20 minutes and warns that the longer a person naps, the more likely they are to feel groggy afterwards. However, studies have found that 90 minute naps allow for the greatest amount of refreshment, as the 90 minutes allows for a full sleep cycle to occur. Tips like these are important for employees to understand in order to best take advantage of the benefits of napping in the workplace. Workplace Policy There are also ways to improve the effectiveness of napping in the workplace. Allowing employees to nap while at work is not enough, employers need to create a culture in which napping is not only normalised but promoted. Some policies could be setting time limits on naps to ensure that employees do not experience sleep inertia, causing them to wake up more tired than before they started their nap. Another policy that could greatly promote napping in the workplace is allowing employees to take technology breaks during naps. In the advent of email and instant messaging for the workspace connecting employees to work on a 24/7 basis, many employees may feel pressure not to nap in case they are needed at a moment's notice. Allowing employees to sign off of their email and messaging during their naps would alleviate these worries and give employees the opportunity to disconnect from their work for a brief time. Allowing employees to personalise their naps also helps to promote napping in the workplace. Studies have shown that there are a wide variety of factors that affect the effectiveness and efficacy of naps for different people with some suggesting that these differences may be rooted in genetics. Allowing employees to choose when they take naps would increase the effectiveness of naps and better support all employees who choose to nap during the workday. Additionally, allowing employees to have their own napping accessories (pillows, eye masks, earplugs, etc.) would also help to improve the effectiveness of naps in the workplace as employees would be able to nap in greater comfort, increasing the efficacy of naps. Rest Space One of the most important and beneficial ways to promote napping in the workplace is to have a dedicated space for employees to nap in. Fortunately, that’s where Rest Space comes in. Rest Space has created the perfect environment for napping in the workplace, with built in privacy and a variety of features that enhance sleep. Rest Space also offers premium support to help employees learn about the benefits of napping, how to nap, and how to take advantage of Rest Space’s nap pods to achieve the best quality of sleep. If you are interested in promoting napping in your workplace, get in touch with us and find out how our affordable nap pods can benefit your employees.

  • Naps and Laps: How Rest Can Optimise Your Workout & Workday

    Though it can be a struggle to fit both into one’s schedule, sleep and exercise are essential parts of a balanced healthy lifestyle. On a busy day where you may feel tired and unmotivated to exercise, a nap before or after a workout can help boost your mood and results in the gym. Pre-workout Naps After a busy day at the office, it’s understandable to be discouraged to workout. However, a pre-workout nap can help improve your energy and overall workout. A short cat nap of even 20 minutes can make a huge difference. Though it’s essential to get a good night's rest, especially to maximise performance in the gym, a nap can help improve sleep debt and combat one’s deprivation of sleep. Not getting enough sleep can drastically limit one’s muscle recovery because sleep aids muscles in releasing protein-building amino acids which help muscles grow, as well as releasing growth hormones during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. Additionally, it hurts your immune system and cognitive function which can severely hinder your athletic performance. Napping can’t replace a good night’s rest, but getting more rest can lessen the drawbacks of sleep deprivation. A study by researchers at the University of Sfax in Tunisia examined the effects of naps on people’s running performance under different conditions (no nap, 25min nap, 35 min nap, and 45 min nap). The study found that the best distance increased 9% with a 45-minute pre-run nap and increased 6% with a 25-minute nap compared to their trials with no naps and that napping benefitted physical performance. Whether sprinting competitively or lifting weights after work, naps before exercise have proven benefits. Top Athletes Many of the world’s best athletes swear by napping and consider it an integral part of their routine. NBA superstar Stephen Curry is a big fan of taking naps. Curry told the New York Times, ‘When you wake up from a nap, you know what time it is, you know it's time to get ready and get focused and go to the game’. When British Tennis Star Andy Murray won Wimbledon in 2013, he was the first Brit to do so in 77 years. Murray was also sleeping 12 hours per night. Murray says rest is so important and that he tries to nap since ‘you need rest to make sure you recover properly '. Though the average person probably doesn’t need the same sleep schedule as the world’s top athletes, it's undeniable that napping is correlated with high athletic performance and boosting general productivity both in the gym and the office. Post-workout Naps After a good workout, it’s normal to be tired and want to rest, especially before heading to the office for work. There are several advantages to taking a nap after a workout. Muscle building occurs by training your muscles through exercise and then repairing them through rest and nutrition. A nap after working out supports the recovery of your muscle tissues. During non-REM sleep, the pituitary gland releases shots of growth hormones that stimulate tissue growth and are essential to building and repairing muscle. Having fatigued muscles often leads to feeling sleepy after working out. A post-workout nap can make the rest of your work day easier as it decreases fatigue and increases mental alertness. If you wake up early to exercise, napping can help you feel less tired and boost mental energy. Post-workout naps are ideal if you work out early and have the full day ahead of you. Nap pods are rapidly expanding their presence in the workplace. Companies like Google have installed nap pods with high-tech beds to promote and encourage workers to nap throughout the day. Employees at these companies benefit greatly by having a place to rest before or after a workout or anytime throughout the day. How You Can Use RestSpace Nap pods in the workplace make a huge difference in worker productivity both within and outside the office. The introduction of nap pods in the workplace is beneficial to employees as it promotes rest, healthy living, and exercise, but is also beneficial to employers who see increased productivity from well-rested employees. The brand-new Everest by RestSpace offers a spacious private place for people to nap during the day. Whether taking a rest at the office after a morning workout or taking a quick nap before heading to the gym, having nap pods in the office allows workers to get the rest they need for a healthy and productive day in the office and a great workout at the gym. Regardless of your level of exercise activity, incorporating rest and naps is a sure way to boost your energy and results in the gym and throughout the day. As a business owner or employer, the benefits of installing nap pods for employees are manyfold. From supporting your employees’ gym routines to just offering a nap as needed, having nap pods can boost productivity and foster a better work environment. We encourage you to learn more about RestSpace and nap pods, and by visiting this link to the site. Feel free to contact RestSpace should you have any questions or inquiries.

  • Your body has come to collect its debt!

    What if I told you that we have a fully functional bank processing within each and everyone of us. That's right, it might not just be Halifax that you can get into debt with. However, this bank is special, it runs off the energy generated by sleep and trust me... It's not something you want to get into trouble with. Sleep debt or sleep deficit in the simplest terms is the difference between the amount of sleep your body needs and the amount in which you actually get. For demonstration, if your body needs 8 hours of sleep per night but you only get 6 hours of sleep, then you have two hours of sleep debt. Keep that same pattern up for a week, you’ll have accumulated a pretty big debt to repay. Now, accumulating sleep debt doesn’t always result in the feeling of tiredness. In fact research has demonstrated that people can cognitively adapt to chronic sleep deprivation where they don’t particularly feel sleepy even though their body is showing significant decline in physical and mental performance. Defaulting on this debt on a regular basis increases the risk of: Diabetes Metabolic dysregulation Tiredness Hypertensions Weight gain Lack of concentration Heart disease Impaired memory High blood pressure Stroke Weakened immune system Anxiety/depression If that's not enough to get you motivated to make some changes to your lifestyle, then the fact that sleep debt left unchecked can result in it being chronic should be! That's like your body declaring bankruptcy! So how can we prevent this in the first place? I hear you screaming at your screen. Well it's pretty simple actually. DON’T GET YOURSELF INTO DEBT! Easier said than done I know but here are a few tips to keep you out of debt and your body currency nice and stable. Understand how much sleep your body actually needs Make sleep a priority in your wellbeing care. Now the amount of sleep needed per night does vary person to person but the majority of adults will need between 7 to 9 hours per night. To figure out how much your body needs you can experiment with different lengths of sleep and take note of how you feel the next day. Alternatively, you can allow your body to sleep as much as it needs over a period of days and you’ll find your body will naturally fall into its optimal sleeping rhythm. Keep a sleep schedule Get into the habit of going to bed and waking up at the same time each day of the week. Even on your days off! And if you do decide to have a lay in, then try not to sleep later than two hours after your normal wakeup time. Develop a night routine Start to develop your own little night time routine, whether that's meditating, light stretching, reading or something else. As long as it's not too strenuous on your body. “Avoid strenuous exercise for three hours before bedtime” - Charles Schafer, M.D. Having this night routine gives your body the time to relax and prepare for the sleep ahead. It serves as a trigger to our body that we are ready for sleep. Stay off electronics devices before bed In our bodies is a circadian rhythm. A 24 hour natural cycle that works with our internal clock to regulate the sleep-wake cycle in our bodies with physical, mental and behavioral changes. This process is primarily activated by light; allowing us to be alert during the day and tired at night. The issue which arises with modern technology is that the blue light emitted from our devices disrupts this cycle and confuses the body to believe it is still day time, regulating all the systems to keep us awake. Therefore, it is recommended to not use any devices 2 hours before bed. If you’re really serious about improving your bedtime habits, consider having no electronic devices in your bedroom. This way you’re guaranteed not to get distracted by some midnight scrolling. Improve your bedroom environment Give yourself the best chance to have a great sleep. Block out any lights and sounds which could disrupt your sleep and keep your bedroom at a comfortable temperature for sleeping, about 15 to 19 degrees Celsius. Sleep Debt Recovery Now that's all well and good but what about if you already owe your body some sleep. First off, I know what you’re thinking… miss two hours... sleep an extra two hours. Done. However, unfortunately that's not the case. To follow structure, just like in an actual bank, your body has interest. Meaning missing one hour of sleep one night, may require an extra hour of sleep for 4 days to fully pay it off! And if you’ve accumulated hours and hours of lost sleep, it will take some time and persistence. A 2021 study had 13 healthy people monitor their sleep over 3 weeks. The first 10 days involved restricted sleep, however for the remainder of the time, the participants were able to sleep as much as they wanted. During the experiment, the participants had to complete tasks which monitored their reaction and accuracy skills. As expected, after the restricted sleep, participants had a dramatic decline in performance but this only gradually started to increase throughout the remainder of the study. At the end of the 3 weeks, it was discovered that no could reclaim a fully functional brain and all had poorer results from when they first started. I have some bad news for you. You can’t recover from sleep debt.. not fully at least. When the body is sleep deprived it misses out on benefits which you would have had if you were sleeping correctly. The main cognitive functions affected are mental and physical healing along with memory processing. For example, when you’re in sleep debt, it is a lot harder to process and retain information and memories from your day, resulting in experiences and learning being forgotten. Additionally, if you take a vaccine while sleep deprived you won’t build up the needed antibodies for it to be effective, even if you make up on the sleep debt the next day your immune system won’t then create the needed antibodies. However, don’t be discouraged as tackling sleep debt can restore the body to its full cognitive abilities and functions. Ensuring you don’t miss out on any more benefits of healthy sleep. The main aspect with reversing the effect of sleep debt is to stay consistent. Make gradual changes, like changing your bed time by 15 minutes at a time and keeping a diary to track your sleeping habits. Also, don’t be afraid to consult a doctor when tackling sleep deficit, they might be able to advise you further on the best approach for your body. Lack of sleep is only bad if you have to drive, or think, or talk, or move. - Dov Davidoff Another great tip would be to take an afternoon nap. Now naps haven't yet been proven to reverse the effects of sleep debt but they can help you stay alert and functioning in the meantime. A 25-30 minute power nap is all you need to help improve your work performance, capacity to learn and overall brain function. Now in business, sleep debt is really bad news. Low energy, burnt out employees means less work finished and work completed to a lower standard. Productivity and efficiency really start to suffer and given that sleep debt doesn’t just vanish, naps could be the savior. Allowing employees to take a short afternoon nap lets them recharge their body and mind for the rest of the working day. Which is why it will come as no surprise, that nap culture is rising in popularity in the workplace. Companies such as Google and Amazon are leading by example and investing in nap pods for their employees. If you think your business or place of work would benefit from an investment into wellbeing, then we provide a great affordable nap pod, with comfort, hygiene and privacy as a priority. If you want to know more about what we provide at Rest Space. Get in touch.

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  • Blog | RestSpace

    Andrew Quinton 4 hours ago 5 min Your body has come to collect its debt! What if I told you that we have a functional bank within everyone of us. But trust me. It's not something you want to get into trouble with! Tanya Kukreja Aug 31 2 min How can a sleeping pod help you return to the office? Returning to the office will be a challenge for many to overcome the habits they developed working from home. Elizabeth Cutler Aug 24 2 min How to take the perfect power nap: The secrets to sleep Here, the secrets will be revealed on how to take the perfect power nap and find the energy you have been lacking. Hala Saeed Aug 10 3 min How to use your hormonal cycle to optimise your work schedule? We all know that women’s hormonal cycle is very different to men’s, but women have had to graciously adjust to work schedules and... Hala Saeed Aug 2 2 min Why students need Rest Spaces The problem: Students are undoubtedly sleeping a lot less than they should. With 68% of university students staying awake at night due to... Christopher Longobardi Jul 27 3 min Workplace Stress and the Internalized Effects on Our Body Stress and the Body Your body is a very carefully regulated ecosystem, with numerous checks and balances of chemicals that affect... John Arvantides Jul 20 3 min Hiring and retaining a quality workforce during record UK labour shortage The UK labour shortage has made it increasingly difficult for companies to hire and retain high quality workers post-Covid. Afrin Ahmed Jul 18 4 min Announcing a Rest Space, Metroline and TFL collaboration We have teamed up with Metroline and TFL to provide drivers with rest with our stackable Rest Space. - Jul 6 2 min Economic cost of absenteeism and presenteeism: Why employers should invest in sleep pods! Presenteeism can cost employers money without them even realising. But what is Absenteeism and Presenteeism? And how does it cost... Jack Friedman Jun 29 2 min Mitigating the effects of migraines through Rest Spaces Introduction A fast-paced work environment is a perfect catalyst for stress, anxiety and depression for employees. For many people, these... - Jun 22 3 min Why Sleep Pods belong on NHS Budgets So we have established how essential rest is to help revitalise and re-energise us during long working hours. Just a 20 minute nap has... - Jun 15 2 min Napping Isn't Just for Children In your early stages of life, you loved to sleep. You may not remember much of it, but you slept at least 14 hours daily. Wouldn't that... Priyanka Agarwal Jun 8 2 min Why Sleep Makes You Stronger Have you noticed that the work you put into the gym is not getting the results you want? Perhaps you aren’t getting enough sleep... Kate Mulligan Jun 1 2 min 5 tips to improve your nap environment when working from home Your environment is essential for napping and is something often easy to overlook. I used to think as long as my eyes are shut for 20+... Kate Mulligan May 19 3 min When rest isn't best - long COVID, insomnia and MSK There are times when we need to be more conscious of our drive to rest. Understanding the drivers of your habits can help you be healthier. Kate Mulligan May 13 5 min Sustainable wellbeing: We need to shift guilt to pride We know the importance of looking after our wellbeing, yet often we feel guilty when looking after our own wellbeing during work hours. Abbie Hennessy May 5 3 min Understanding your chronotype and how it affects your productivity Your chronotype controls your body's natural tendencies to fall asleep and wake up during the day. It can be used to explain why some people Andrew Quinton Apr 19 5 min Your breath is the key to a good night’s sleep! Do you have trouble sleeping? We all want better sleep but sometimes the answers aren't there. Or so you think. - Apr 4 2 min Is your job the cause of your Insomnia? Insomnia is the collective term for problems affecting your sleep on 3 or more nights in a week for an ongoing period of time. These... Andrew Quinton Apr 1 2 min We were wrong! Oh so desperately wrong NAPS. The culture of napping has grown rapidly over the past few years and it's becoming a threat to us all. I’ve tried to resist the urge. Afrin Ahmed Mar 18 3 min Happy World Sleep Day 2022! Here Are Some Tips To Improve Your Sleep Quality… It’s World Sleep Day today! Today is your opportunity to take some time to think about your sleep health and meeting your sleep needs. Ola Kurczewska Mar 2 4 min How do I Attract and Retain Talent in the Workplace? Everyone wants the best talent in their company, and for them to want to stay as the business grows. Whether that is finding a new... Afrin Ahmed Feb 17 5 min Tired All The Time? Here Are The 7 Types of Rest You Actually Need We all know what it feels like when your needs aren’t being met but sometimes it can be difficult to specify what it truly is that you need. Daniel McIntosh Feb 1 4 min Genius: A few Power Naps Away? Introduction At the risk of sounding over dramatic, creativity is dying. Now if experts are to be believed this is a major issue, ideas... Ferdaousse Berrak Stitou Jan 31 2 min A New Version: The Stackable Rest Space At Rest Space we are proud to offer the best place to rest, our product is designed to provide the most comfortable yet private space to... Ola Kurczewska Jan 21 3 min One way to take care of yourself this 2022 With the new year in place, it's also the perfect time to set new goals. That's what January is for, right? Testing those resolutions and... Kate Mulligan Jan 14 6 min Coffee break? How about a nap instead How much do we know about the coffee we are drinking? About how it keeps us alert? Is there an optimal time to drink coffee? Ferdaousse Berrak Stitou Nov 22, 2021 4 min Why should we normalise sleeping at work? With most of us working from home during the pandemic, we’ve learned to appreciate the many advantages that flexibility has to offer. The... Ian Akilimali Nov 12, 2021 2 min Do nap pods work? Over the years, napping at work has always been frowned upon. There is a stigma that suggests that you are lazy if you have a nap; but... Kate Mulligan Oct 29, 2021 4 min Our top sleep books you should read Here are some of the books inspiring us and are a must read for anyone looking to improve their health, wellbeing and performance. Think... Afrin Ahmed Oct 25, 2021 3 min Can You Afford Not To Have A Rest Space? The cost of employee ill-health far exceeds the potential investment in corporate health and wellbeing. Supa Chantschool Oct 8, 2021 3 min What makes our Rest Space the best place to rest? It has been almost 2 years since the inception of Rest Space. So we would like to share with you how our Rest Space napping pods are... Kate Mulligan Sep 30, 2021 6 min Diversity and Inclusion strategy? Let's start with rest spaces A widely adopted view around inclusion is creating a workplace where you can bring your whole self to work; you are not hiding elements of w Afrin Ahmed Sep 27, 2021 3 min How Can Employers Support The Transition Back To The Office? Now that employers have begun the transition from home into the office, what happens to newfound habits that so positively affect employees? Kate Mulligan Sep 20, 2021 4 min Are nap pods in hospitals here to stay? Fatigue management is vital for safety, quality of care and the wellbeing and health of our staff. More needs to be done to provide adequate Ian Akilimali Sep 17, 2021 4 min Managing fatigue whilst working We all feel it sometimes, when your eyes get tired, you start to lose the motivation to work and you’re just counting down the minutes... Kate Mulligan Sep 8, 2021 4 min Napping at work: Recommendations from professional bodies for workplace wellbeing Resting at work is advised by a large number of professional bodies, what is your duty as an employer to provide nap pods for staff? Supa Chantschool Sep 2, 2021 3 min Taking naps at a conference: improving the attendee's experience Imagine this scenario, you wake up before sunrise to catch an early morning flight into a foreign city to attend an in-person conference... Kate Mulligan Aug 23, 2021 3 min How Long Should You Nap For When Working From Home? Here's some tips on how long you should be napping for when working from home. Afrin Ahmed Aug 17, 2021 2 min Why Are You Always Tired At Work? Whether it’s the Monday morning fatigue or post-lunch slump, the continuous work day can leave you feeling tired and unproductive. Afrin Ahmed Aug 10, 2021 4 min Can Workplace Napping Transform Employee Wellbeing? We all know the importance of sleep, and ensuring we get enough every night is essential for both our physical and mental wellbeing.... Supa Chantschool Jun 17, 2021 2 min Mercedes’ Drivers can have a Nap Recently we came across an article about Mercedes’ new electric car, the EQS. What surprised us the most is that it has a napping mode!... Supa Chantschool May 21, 2021 2 min Let's talk about Shift Work, Sleep and Health In our research, we found this post by The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) regarding shift work, sleep and health.... Supa Chantschool May 4, 2021 1 min Napping and Ramadan Ramadan is a holy month of fasting, introspection and prayer for Muslims; during this period Muslims would fast from sunrise to sunset.... Kate Mulligan Mar 22, 2021 2 min I sleep for ~9 hours a night and I wake up at ~9.30 am. I am NORMAL. - How much sleep do you need? I sleep for ~9 hours a night and I wake up at ~9.30 am. I am NORMAL. I am not LAZY, I don't have ISSUES with my sleep. This is NOT... Kate Mulligan Mar 12, 2021 6 min Napping for nightshift bliss - Why nap on night shifts (Part 1/2) I often find napping ‘advice’ not so straightforward. News articles tries to give you tips from authors who have little interest in... Kate Mulligan Mar 12, 2021 5 min Napping for night shift bliss - How to nap on night shifts (Part 2/2) To nap or not to nap is often the question. Limiting it to these binary conditions means we often ignore all the grey areas in-between;... Kate Mulligan Jan 4, 2021 4 min One tip to excel in 2021 - schedule in your naps Napping is a cross-cultural phenomenon which occurs across the lifespan - Dr Kimberly Cote Professor, MSc, PhD, Psychology As the new... Supa Chantschool Dec 10, 2020 3 min Can sleep make your vaccines more effective? As we are moving deeper into the colder months and with a lot of talk of vaccines in the world at the moment; we decided to focus this... Kate Mulligan Oct 5, 2020 4 min Why should you get paid to sleep on the job? I've been wanting to write a piece on the stigma of napping at work but Sara Alger, Allison Brager, and Vincent Capaldi have done a much...

  • What we do | Rest Space

    People are the backbone of your business ​ We empower them to be the best version of themselves Order Now Contact Us INFECTION CONTROL Here at Rest Space, we understand the importance of your health and wellbeing and it is an utmost priority to us, we have taken additional measures to help prevent diseases and bacteria from spreading with anti-microbial surfaces and improved ventilation in our Rest Spaces. ​ Contact us to find out more. Order Now Find Out More SELF CLEANING Air ventilation and antimicrobial fabrics sleep mask PERSONAL Spacious undisrupted privacy SMART Voice-controlled soothing lighting and sounds BESPOKE Designed to your needs, backed with data and integrated with support VENTILATION FANS Quiet fans to help circulate the air inside SOUND REDUCING Minimise noise with sound absorbing and blocking layers SPEAKERS Bluetooth speakers to help you relax with soothing sounds LIGHTING Variety of soothing lights to help you rest MATTRESS Wipe clean mattress, keeping it fresh PRIVACY LOCK To ensure you rest time is not interrupted We've created the best space to rest ​ After years of struggling to find a place to recharge in the workplace, we decided to create a space of privacy and tranquillity. A place to rest, breathe and unwind . It’s a simple idea that can change the way we live by empowering people to be more productive, focused and creative, in the moments that matter most. ​ At [Rest Space], we have created the perfect environment ; designed with comfort and warmth in mind. It uses sustainable woods that can allow the user to feel calmer and switch off faster. There is no better place to recharge at work. ​ Get your own [Rest Space] and have the best place to recharge. Order Now Find Out More Marcel Fowler An amazing and rejuvenating experience An amazing and rejuvenating experience, the rest space team have managed to create a real sanctuary within an office. Show more Elvis León This sleeping pod saved my life This sleeping pod saved my life. Thank you for creating a space to rest and reenergize. Show more Mirella Koleva Great place for a recharge! I was so happy when I found out we were getting a rest space in the office! It instantly made me more relaxed to know that I could always have a lie-down if I felt a bit worn out at any point during the day. The rest space was very convenient and easy to use: it has a handy shoe compartment underneath and a shelf inside where you can leave your phone and bag. It locks from the inside securely. The bed is clean, hygienic and comfortable. I very much enjoyed having some down time in the rest space. The only thing I regret is that I didn't book it for longer! Show more Tom Dowler Game changer for the office! As a notorious nap pod sceptic, I was surprised by just how comfortable Rest Spaces are. It's safe to say it completely changed my mind on the topic - its carefully thought out design allowing me to get a proper rest in before I continued to work hard in the afternoons. Quality design accompanied by a very impressive sleep consultation, ironing out some issue's I've had for years. Game changer for the office! Show more Manuel Martínez So happy to be able to take a break… So happy to be able to take a break without people judging me for it! I've always found that I'm most productive after a quick nap so having a restspace in the office has been a game changer. Show more The RestSpace Everest ​ Product specification ​ Empowering people to be the best version of themselves through rest Order now Download product spec Your body has come to collect its debt! How can a sleeping pod help you return to the office? How to take the perfect power nap: The secrets to sleep 1 2 3 4 5 Subscribe Now Don't miss a single blog post: Contact us

  • Rest Spaces are essential in healthcare environments

    Rest Spaces bringing you Happier Healthier More Productive Employees. Download the business case for Rest Spaces in healthcare First Name Last Name Email Code arrow&v Phone Company Download Now WHAT'S INCLUDED Learn why rest spaces are essential in health care environments. Inclusive working evironment Safer working environments Health and Fatigue Employee Burnout and Stress Financial Impact What Rest Space users have to say "The rest space was very convenient and easy to use" ​ "It has a handy shoe compartment underneath and a shelf inside where you can leave your phone and bag. It locks from the inside securely. The bed is clean, hygienic and comfortable. I very much enjoyed having some down time in the rest space." ​ Mirella "An amazing and rejuvenating experience" ​ "The rest space team have managed to create a real sanctuary within an office." ​ Marcel "The relief was immeasurable" ​ "Travelling and working long office hours was tough and I wasn’t ready to share my pregnancy; we had waited 6 years! I could comfortably book a nap or two. The relief was immeasurable both physically and psychologically." ​ Sam

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