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People are at work,
but are they really at work?  

Why is it normal for to get 5 coffees filters a day rather than a 20 min rest?

Why is it normal for teams to sugar overload, with energy drinkscoke, sweets and donuts to get them through the afternoon?


We don’t believe this should be normal


While working in finance and consulting we had the stark realisation that these were not isolated incidents but part of a larger systemic issue affecting many. 


Driven by our experiences and a shared vision for change,we aimed to redefine the way people approached rest in the workplace.  For healthier people and healthier organisations.

Why your Organization?

Investing in sleep is a way to ensure employees are healthy and stress-free. 


With just 20-minutes rest, you can enhance memory retention, sharpen your focus and lower blood pressure, propelling you to new heights of productivity and success, giving you an edge at work.

The problem is 88% of people have told us they have nowhere to rest at work.

Rest is not just a personal necessity but a fundamental component of success.

How a Rest Space can help your people and organisation

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