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Do nap pods work?

Over the years, napping at work has always been frowned upon. There is a stigma that suggests that you are lazy if you have a nap; but daytime sleepiness at work can leave you feeling drowsy and fatigue.

Your sleep the previous night may have been disrupted and left you only getting a short amount of shut eye resulting in you having daytime sleepiness at work. This would affect your concentration at work and increase the risk of mistakes and accidents happening. Having a space to nap would help solve this problem; just getting a 20 minute nap could help boost your productivity and allow you to be more alert. But on the other hand, not having a comfortable space to rest can leave you feeling frustrated and leading your employees to nap in places such as the toilet or on the chair which would be uncomfortable.

Having a nap pod in your office would help employees manage their fatigue. The use of nap pods in companies has become popular over the last few years. Multinational companies Google, Samsung and NASA have installed nap pods into their office so that their staff are able to rest and work on their health and wellbeing. Research has shown that nap pods have been the most preferred solution to fixing daytime sleepiness at work over drinking caffeine, eating sugary foods, smoking cigarettes or going for a walk.

The NHS Trust

The NHS has installed nap pods into dozens of hospitals for a trial The Royal Wolverhampton NHS trust being the first in June 2018. Having nap pods at the hospitals would help overworked doctors and nurses get the best rest they need to be alert and productive at work. Royal Wolverhampton spent £17,000 to put a sleep pod in the A&E unit at New Cross hospital and Cannock Chase hospital.

In 2019, Walsall Healthcare trust tried out two pods and a recliner chair. “The feedback was overwhelmingly positive.” said Catherine Griffiths, Director for People and Culture at the Trust.

“As well as being used for a power nap the pods and recliners will benefit staff who have had to deal with a distressing, challenging or stressful situation. They can take a few minutes to collect their thoughts and relax before returning to work.” Catherine Griffiths

A study from Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust has shown that more staff were taking breaks after the nap pod was introduced from 37% to 69%. A post nap pod survey showed that 81% of staff felt more alert and 83% were more energised after using them.

How does Rest Space help?

At Rest Space we offer the best place to rest; we have designed our Rest Space sleeping pods using the latest sleep research. Our nap pods have ventilator fans, antimicrobial fabrics and a finishing on the wooden structure which successfully prevents bacteria or dust mites. Soothing lights and sound reduction to help customers fall asleep easier in noisy or busy environments and a privacy lock to ensure that your rest is not interrupted.

if you would like to learn more about the power of nap pods and how to make the most out of them, please contact RestSpaceLDN


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