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What makes our Rest Space the best place to rest?

It has been almost 2 years since the inception of Rest Space. So we would like to share with you how our Rest Space napping pods are designed and the process that goes into how we design the best space to rest.

Wooden Structure

Starting with the structure of the Rest Space, we decided on a wooden napping pod over futuristic and/or plastic ones to offer a sense of familiarity. Imagine being in a hotel room for the first night, in a lot of cases most people would struggle to fall asleep due to being in a new environment; it's not your mattress, your bedroom but eventually you acclimatise to the room. We can’t offer a replica of everyone’s bedroom but we can offer a sense of comfort.

Additionally, we understand that a lot of plastics are not sustainable nor reusable so having wood, we can give the Rest Space a second life later down the line (much much later) due to wood being adaptable, sustainable and recyclable.

Enclosed Area, Lights and Sounds

We know that a cool, quiet and dark environment would help sleep. The enclosed space offers all of that and it allows you to have an undisrupted nap. You wouldn’t want people pulling your leg or drawing on your face whilst you have a nap in a communal room or on the sofa. We feel vulnerable when we are asleep so privacy is important.

We have included colour changeable lights and a bluetooth speaker. As some people prefer to have some illumination or soothing music to help them relax.

A study looking at the colour temperature and level of illuminance showed that a low colour temperature helped lower the central nervous system activity and low illumination can be used to lower physiological activity. Both of these should help ease your mind as you sleep in the Rest Space; the lights have been designed so you can pick calming colours but also not be too bright to help with drifting into sleep and coming out of sleep when you are done with your nap.

Another survey was conducted where 62% of the respondents used music to help them sleep. The study highlights 4 different factors to why music help them sleep; this includes:

  • Provide - where the music helps stimulates sleep

  • Habit - where the user adopted music as part of their sleep routine

  • State - where the user receives physical and mental state conducive to sleep

  • Distract - where music blocks internal and external stimuli which would otherwise distract the user from sleeping

We also know not everyone naps, so the Rest Space can also be used to get some rest and relaxation time or just a quick meditation session.

The Mountains

We chose mountains as a theme and names for the Rest Space models because of the serenity and calmness they represent. By using a Rest Space, we want you to achieve your peak potential. We placed the mountain on the feet of the Rest Space in order for the user to be able to focus their eyes on them while drifting off into a nap, it should help stop your eyes and mind from wandering off whilst trying to get some rest.

Additional Features

Cleanliness has always been important to us. Hence why we chose a comfortable but functional vinyl mattress cover with antimicrobial properties. It can be wiped down and you can ensure you are going into a clean and safe environment. On top of that we use an antimicrobial varnish finishing on the high touch areas to stop the spread of materials.

In our Everest model we have also incorporated ventilator fans to help the flow of air from the head of the Rest Space to the foot allowing a constant flow of clean air.

We hope you enjoy looking into some of the insights we had in designing the Rest Space. We want to ensure that the user understands all the small factors that could contribute to a great rest but also appreciate the details that they can take away and implement in their own bedrooms too.

We are happy to receive feedback on our Rest Spaces as we want to be as inclusive as possible to everyone’s sleep needs. Let just know what you think and watch this space for more information and how you can get access to the best space to rest.


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