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Why Sleep Makes You Stronger

It’s not surprising that the most restful and the most energetic parts of the day go hand in hand

Have you noticed that the amount of work you put into the gym is not getting the results you want? Perhaps you have been skipping rest days and overworking to build as much muscle as possible. What you may not know is that the reason you aren’t getting strong in the appropriate time frame is because you aren’t getting enough sleep for your muscles to heal!

Using time wisely

Several people with active lifestyles feel that they don’t have enough time to receive the proper balance of working out and rest. Additionally, many people sacrifice sleep for exercise as they perceive sleep as a waste of time. This in turn causes overworking and less muscle growth.

How muscles become stronger

During workouts, muscle fibers become damaged. This causes muscles to be repaired stronger and thicker. However, the only time for muscles to recover is through sleep and active recovery, which many people refuse to take.

The power of power naps

Naps can also be used as a source of quick energy for athletes before performance. For example, athletes like Usain Bolt and LeBron James believe in napping before their competitions and have outstanding outcomes.

Working out makes higher quality sleep

Exercise releases a hormone called adenosine which can make someone feel slumberous by adjusting the circadian rhythm and making sleep more enjoyable. This also allows for improved sleep in active individuals when this hormone is not blocked by caffeinated supplements.

Utilizing Rest Space

It is important to have enough sleep to fuel workouts and daily activities.Sleep is essential for physical and mental recovery, and while this has regularly been misunderstood, sport is beginning to wake up to the importance of sleep.

Rest Space provides an opportunity for people to catch extra sleep throughout the day with sleeping pods to fuel their bodies and recover from draining activities.

Including fitness into your lifestyle may benefit your rest at night and make you stronger.

If you have any questions about Rest Space and our company, feel free to contact us here.


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