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Why Are You Always Tired At Work?

Whether it’s the Monday morning fatigue or post-lunch slump, the continuous workday can leave you feeling tired and unproductive. Ongoing workplace fatigue can have many different causes, such as physical health issues, excessive stress, or mental health issues. However, it’s commonly a result of sleep deprivation.

When you’re tired at work, it can feel impossible to concentrate, let alone stay productive. The Sleep Council 2017 report found that, when asked what aspect of life is most affected by lack of sleep, 53% said energy levels, 52% mood, 36% health, 23% work performance and 21% personal relationships. Sleep has a massive affect on our health and wellbeing, within workplaces and otherwise.

Lack of sleep is the predominant issue that triggers people to feel tired at work. With around 75% of people in the UK reportedly sleeping less than the recommended hours of sleep per day, it’s time to address our sleep deprived culture and genuinely address how to manage fatigue.

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What To Do When Tired At Work?

If you’ve ever questioned what to do when you get tired at work, or how to get through the work day if you’re feeling fatigued, or even strategies to have more energy at work, then workplace napping may be the solution you’re looking for.

Although it seems like a somewhat obvious solution to feeling fatigued, taking a short nap break addresses the most likely factor for your feeling tired at work. Even a short 20 minute nap has been shown to improve job performance as well as additional health benefits, such as managing fatigue and improved mental wellbeing.

The importance and effectiveness of napping can’t be understated and we at Rest Space recognise that. By introducing nap pods into workplaces, we recognise that sleeping at work can increase workplace productivity and employee wellbeing. In fact, a recent survey on sleep pods found that 94% of employees using the pods felt an improvement on their wellbeing, concentration and overall working morale. Our unique napping pods offer an innovative solution and target why you may be tired at work.

Get in touch if you would like to learn more about our nap pods and managing workplace fatigue.


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