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Mercedes’ Drivers can have a Nap

Recently we came across an article about Mercedes’ new electric car, the EQS. What surprised us the most is that it has a napping mode!

We did a little research and found that Mercedes have been working on this as early as 2012. They conducted the TopFitTruck study and found that “drivers who have not had a good night's sleep drive more erratically and drive in a manner that wastes more fuel than their well-rested counterparts.” On top of that, drivers who feel tense behind the wheel have trouble making good decisions in stressful situations and over time tend to develop back problems.

Here at Rest Space, we are always trying our hardest to provide the best space to rest to anyone who would need it and we want to give props to companies like Mercedes who are looking after their customers’ physical wellbeing.

The Mercedes EQS has a special Power Nap program so drivers can get a nap in at a rest stop. The mode will automatically recline the driver’s seat, close the windows and the sunshade across the glass roof. and temperature are adjusted to create a soothing atmosphere. Relaxing sounds are played while an image of a starry sky appears on the dashboard screen. When it is time to wake up, the car will initiate special energizing fragrances and a gentle massage.

We think this is a development in the right direction. The EQS creates an ideal environment to sleep, adapts the temperature and lighting to make it into a comfortable and familiar environment to the napper. This is similar to what Rest Space has integrated into our sleeping/napping pod, the [Rest Space] Everest.

Now, when can we get a napping mode in all cars? Or even napping areas in back of trucks and lorries?

Get in touch with Rest Space LDN if you find any new and interesting developments in the napping and wellbeing space.


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