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Hiring and retaining a quality workforce during record UK labour shortage

As we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic era, employers in the UK are facing an unprecedented economy, with increasingly difficult hiring conditions. According to the UK Office for National Statistics, job vacancies in the country rose to a record 1.3 million in March to May 2022. The labour shortage has made it quite difficult for companies to attract, hire, and retain high quality workers post-Covid. This begs the question of what strategies employers can utilise to combat this issue and bring in the best talent to help their company thrive. Could some out-of-the-box thinking be the solution to this pressing issue?

Despite the record labour shortage, the UK economy is still experiencing strong growth as we emerge from Covid. The total number of workforce jobs in the UK in March 2022 rose to an estimated 35.6 million, which, despite being below pre-coronavirus December 2019 levels, displayed a record quarterly increase of nearly 412,000. Employers need to have the right workforce if they want to take advantage of this strong economy.

Obviously, one of the simplest ways a company can better attract and retain quality workers is with better pay and financial benefits. There’s no doubt that the UK employee currently holds unprecedented power in the labour market, and they rightfully desire better. Just think about the recent London train and tube strikes that have halted city transportation. Other than the obvious financial side, how else can businesses differentiate themselves from their competitors as the best place for employees to come work? Perhaps one unique and effective solution could be in the implementation of sleep pods and rest spaces in the workplace.

Employees are always looking for jobs with workplaces that are more comfortable and conducive to a productive and healthy environment. Not only can allowing employees the ability to nap during the work day attract and retain stronger employees, but can also empower said workers to be more productive and competitive for the company itself, resulting in stronger long-term company financial success. Unsurprisingly, sleep deprivation among workers costs UK companies significant financial losses over time. It is estimated that it costs the UK economy £40 billion per year, which equates to 1.86% of overall annual economic growth.

Napping at work has many documented and researched benefits such as increased alertness, which is often extended longer throughout the day, increased speed and accuracy in cognitive tests, and improved short-term memory. Sleep researchers at Harvard have found that napping makes people more effective problem solvers and that it can help people separate important information from extraneous details. Researchers say these findings support the idea that employer policies should actively encourage napping, especially in today’s economy.

Employees want a rest space in their office

Recent research from Kitt an office platform highlights nearly half (49%) of millennials want regular naps during their office day. With research from Plushbeds finding 80%of Gen Z and 70% of millennials admit to napping at work.

“the pandemic has completely transformed what we expect from work, particularly for millennials, and those on the entry end of the job market.” - Lucy Minton, co-founder and COO of Kitt,

Rest Spaces aren't just a novelty they are a necessity, we have found that employees need it the most during challenging times. This may be life stage changes such as becoming a new parent or menopause. It can help employees manage the impact of a long term hidden illness or get through the sleep disturbance from a stressful period they are going through. The impact of a rest during these times can totally transform how they perform and engage at work. Turning it from a negative experience to one that it more positive. It also gives them a natural solution to improve their wellbeing during these times.

In a time of record labour shortages, rest space sleep pods can be one highly effective way in which employers can better attract and retain a quality workforce. Not only do they demonstrate a commitment of a supportive workplace to their employees, but they also make their employees more productive, which in turn will lead to their business being more successful.

One company providing quality sleep pod solutions is Rest Space, along with the physical sleeping pod, we provide actionable insight on how a company can adopt a healthy and effective resting culture. For more information click here.


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