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Announcing a Rest Space, Metroline and TFL collaboration

"We recognise drivers can be susceptible to fatigue due to various lifestyle factors, which is why proactively helping our drivers tackle the issue is a priority for us. The Rest Space sleep pods that have been on trial at our garages are one initiative that we have looked at that has been a big talking point amongst the drivers. We continue to look at new safety initiatives with the objective of achieving Vision Zero.” - Sinead Maguire, Head of Transport Safety, Metroline

We're happy to share what we have been working on the last couple of months! We have teamed up with Metroline, one of London’s bigger transportation companies, to provide drivers with rest with our Rest Space Everest pods in their bus depots in Uxbridge and Willesden. This collaboration is part of TfL’s Health & Wellbeing Innovation Challenge, which aims to minimise driver fatigue and improve the health and wellbeing of our bus drivers.

Napping is recommended as one of the most effective ways to improve fatigue management. We are very excited to be able to make a difference in the lives of London’s key workers as they begin to use our product in their workplace. Our main objective at Rest Space is to provide a practical solution for workplace safety, fatigue management and wellbeing.

One might wonder why we need Rest Spaces in the workplace in the first place. We took the time to speak to bus drivers and other shift workers to gain a better understanding of the challenges they encountered. We find that adequate rest facilities and adjusting to a dynamic work schedule are the most prevalent issues. Research has shown that those working jobs that require high attention at work have a tendency for their performance to deteriorate over the day gradually. A nap is one of the best ways to restore performance and attention. Despite coffee being one of the main alternatives to dealing with tiredness, 70% of people we have spoken to and surveyed told us that it isn’t effective. There is a lot to be done to help shift the culture in the UK to one that values rest and allows for people to make the most of the rest they have.

A number of factors can contribute to daytime fatigue, such as an individual's schedule, diet or other circumstances which are out of the employers' control. What is in the control of employers is providing the best facilities to help counteract fatigue. We wish to bring value to companies by providing a suitable resting space to promote their employees' health and wellness.

What we hope to achieve

“[Being tired] makes me less efficient, more liable to make mistakes, take longer to make decisions” - London Bus Driver

We hope to accomplish a number of goals, the first of which is to provide an innovative and effective solution for our bus drivers to regain the energy and focus needed for their shifts. We also hope to be able to drive a cultural change in the workplace where napping is no longer frowned upon. As a result, we provide all our customers with science-backed educational content on rest and sleep, to support the culture change and empower employees to make the most of their resting time.

Our solution seeks to reap the following benefits:

  1. Reduced incidents through improved fatigue management and increased alertness.

  2. Provide a safe and private area for drivers to rest.

  3. Reduced absence levels through improved wellbeing.

  4. Encourage a cultural shift in the workplace of attitudes in relation to fatigue and the importance of rest.

A 30-minute nap can help regulate hormones associated with stress and the immune system. Research has also shown that napping 3 times a week can decrease the risk of heart disease by 37%. This is no surprise given that sleep deprivation is strongly linked to an increased risk of heart disease. Napping is also known to improve cognitive functioning, decision making and overall mood.

As a result, the overall impact we hope will be to offer a measurable reduction in reported fatigue occurrences and accidents like collisions, ensuring that our bus drivers are healthier, resulting in fewer days off due to stress, mental illness, and heart disease.

Our Product: The Rest Space

We understand the complexities of managing fatigue at work, which is why we have created Rest Space as the best place to rest. Our product is a unique resting pod that will provide privacy and a comfortable environment, both of which are essential for a restful nap. Despite keeping the latest sleep science in mind when designing the rest space, we also avoid futuristic designs and cold materials like plastic, since unfamiliarity makes it difficult for our minds to switch off.

Have you ever tried to have a nap but due to noise, lack of privacy and body position you woke up feeling as exhausted as you were before?

The Rest Space tackles these challenges and provides a clean, optimal space for you to rest with soundproofing, an easy-to-clean antimicrobial mattress and a highly efficient ventilation system. We create a tranquil environment with smart lighting and speakers allowing you to meditate and make the most of the time you have to rest. Check out our product page for more information about our Rest Space.

Our services include helping employees and management understand the barriers to rest in the workplace, providing customised training for fatigue management and sleep, and tracking the effectiveness of the Rest Space sleep pods.

Expected Benefits

The RestSpace can provide a number of benefits, including reduced incidents of fatigue and increased alertness. It will encourage a cultural change in attitude amongst bus drivers in relation to the importance of resting, as well as providing a safe and private area for drivers to rest.

We hope our overall impact will be to deliver a measurable reduction in reported fatigue events which will benefit our drivers’ health and wellbeing. According to a study by Loughborough University in 2019, 36% of the drivers interviewed had a close call collusion due to fatigue, and 21% of them indicated they had to fight sleepiness at least 2-3 times a week in the past 12 months. We anticipate that using the Rest Space will lead to drivers feeling less sleepy on the road, resulting in a safer journey for all Londoners.

If you're interested in our product find out more here. Read more about workplace wellbeing, employee fatigue, the benefits of napping and more on our blog. Any other questions or enquiries get in touch.


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