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Naps and Laps: How Rest Can Optimise Your Workout & Workday

Though it can be a struggle to fit both into one’s schedule, sleep and exercise are essential parts of a balanced healthy lifestyle. On a busy day where you may feel tired and unmotivated to exercise, a nap before or after a workout can help boost your mood and results in the gym.

Pre-workout Naps

After a busy day at the office, it’s understandable to be discouraged to workout. However, a pre-workout nap can help improve your energy and overall workout. A short cat nap of even 20 minutes can make a huge difference.

Though it’s essential to get a good night's rest, especially to maximise performance in the gym, a nap can help improve sleep debt and combat one’s deprivation of sleep. Not getting enough sleep can drastically limit one’s muscle recovery because sleep aids muscles in releasing protein-building amino acids which help muscles grow, as well as releasing growth hormones during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. Additionally, it hurts your immune system and cognitive function which can severely hinder your athletic performance. Napping can’t replace a good night’s rest, but getting more rest can lessen the drawbacks of sleep deprivation.

A study by researchers at the University of Sfax in Tunisia examined the effects of naps on people’s running performance under different conditions (no nap, 25min nap, 35 min nap, and 45 min nap). The study found that the best distance increased 9% with a 45-minute pre-run nap and increased 6% with a 25-minute nap compared to their trials with no naps and that napping benefitted physical performance. Whether sprinting competitively or lifting weights after work, naps before exercise have proven benefits.

Top Athletes

Many of the world’s best athletes swear by napping and consider it an integral part of their routine. NBA superstar Stephen Curry is a big fan of taking naps. Curry told the New York Times, ‘When you wake up from a nap, you know what time it is, you know it's time to get ready and get focused and go to the game’. When British Tennis Star Andy Murray won Wimbledon in 2013, he was the first Brit to do so in 77 years. Murray was also sleeping 12 hours per night. Murray says rest is so important and that he tries to nap since ‘you need rest to make sure you recover properly '.

Though the average person probably doesn’t need the same sleep schedule as the world’s top athletes, it's undeniable that napping is correlated with high athletic performance and boosting general productivity both in the gym and the office.

Post-workout Naps

After a good workout, it’s normal to be tired and want to rest, especially before heading to the office for work. There are several advantages to taking a nap after a workout.

Muscle building occurs by training your muscles through exercise and then repairing them through rest and nutrition. A nap after working out supports the recovery of your muscle tissues. During non-REM sleep, the pituitary gland releases shots of growth hormones that stimulate tissue growth and are essential to building and repairing muscle.

Having fatigued muscles often leads to feeling sleepy after working out. A post-workout nap can make the rest of your work day easier as it decreases fatigue and increases mental alertness. If you wake up early to exercise, napping can help you feel less tired and boost mental energy. Post-workout naps are ideal if you work out early and have the full day ahead of you. Nap pods are rapidly expanding their presence in the workplace. Companies like Google have installed nap pods with high-tech beds to promote and encourage workers to nap throughout the day. Employees at these companies benefit greatly by having a place to rest before or after a workout or anytime throughout the day.

How You Can Use RestSpace

Nap pods in the workplace make a huge difference in worker productivity both within and outside the office. The introduction of nap pods in the workplace is beneficial to employees as it promotes rest, healthy living, and exercise, but is also beneficial to employers who see increased productivity from well-rested employees.

The brand-new Everest by RestSpace offers a spacious private place for people to nap during the day. Whether taking a rest at the office after a morning workout or taking a quick nap before heading to the gym, having nap pods in the office allows workers to get the rest they need for a healthy and productive day in the office and a great workout at the gym. Regardless of your level of exercise activity, incorporating rest and naps is a sure way to boost your energy and results in the gym and throughout the day.

As a business owner or employer, the benefits of installing nap pods for employees are manyfold. From supporting your employees’ gym routines to just offering a nap as needed, having nap pods can boost productivity and foster a better work environment. We encourage you to learn more about RestSpace and nap pods, and by visiting this link to the site. Feel free to contact RestSpace should you have any questions or inquiries.


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