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What's it like being part of the Kings20 Accelerator

We’ve made it! Into the Kings20 accelerator.

Here are my thoughts on being part of the accelerator and how its helping [Rest Space] and how we contribute to this eco-system

kate and supa

Why we got onto the Kings20 Accelerator

The idea for [Rest Space] had been lingering for some time and I decided to start chipping away at it after work. I quickly realized there were a lot of things I needed to learn. I began looking for events and communities that would develop my entrepreneurial skills and business ideas, that's when I came across the events Kings20 run.

After attending a lot of their events including a female entrepreneurs weekend retreat I began to really value the momentum and motivation that comes with being around people also trying to set up their own ventures.

I had got to the stage, where I decided to quit my job as there just wasn't enough time to focus on [Rest Space] to get it where I needed. At that time applications for the accelerator opened up, Supa and I took every opportunity to strengthen our application as we knew how competitive the process was.

From going through the application process we had learnt so much more about our business and how we would like to proceed. This in its self was a valuable exercise.

We were accepted onto the program a week after I handed in my notice for work, it was the best birthday present knowing that I won't be spending the next year working in cafes - Only parts of the year, I do still enjoy switching up my work environment.

What has the last 3 months been like

The first few months has really taken us out of our comfort zone. After pitching to get into the accelerator - with relief we did not think we would have to pitch until we wanted money - we were wrong. We have had the opportunity to pitch in-front of a range of audiences at a number of events held by the accelerator to build awareness about [Rest Space].

Now the thought of pitching doesn't scare me so much and having these opportunities in a safe environment to refine how we present ourselves has been great.

Coming from a big company it's been a nice transition to be in a buzzing office, we have great social events planned throughout the year and support from each other. Our first company Christmas lunch was less lonely when you have 20 other ventures joining you.

As with all communities, it's important to contribute back, this environment makes it easy. Fully taking part and making the most of what's on offer is really important, but there are other ways whether it's loading the office dishwasher, helping other ventures practice their pitches or sharing our skills and interests there have loads of ways to help keep this Eco-system going. I feel this is important to mention as often people ask what can you get from an accelerator, but like all Eco-systems what you put in is also important.

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