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Weighted Blankets, Sleep & Anxiety

Earlier this year [Rest Space] bumped into Remy cofounder Abeer at the Sleep & Mindful Living Show. As we are always learning how to create the best rest environment we were keen to catch up with Remy and find out more about weighted blankets.

Remy sells weighted blankets to help you sleep better and look stylish, they are breathable with a luxurious feeling. Remy blankets help you fall asleep faster, for longer and more deeply. We were intrigued to find out more about this

How do they work?

Using a Remy blanket means you sleep with a blanket that weighs the perfect amount for you. Sleeping underweight can provide a beneficial calming and relaxing effect, helping to reduce anxiety and give you a calmer and better night’s sleep. How does that work? Because research shows that sleeping underweight can help reduce movement that disturbs sleep so you can get more of it.

Not only are these blankets great for adults, research also proves that these weighted blankets positively benefit people with autism and children in order to improve focus.

Weighted blankets use Deep Pressure Therapy (DPT), which evenly distributes a gentle weight and pressure on the body to mimic the sensation of being swaddled.

When you’re feeling anxious, your autonomic nervous system (which regulates your bodily functions like heart rate, respiratory rate, and digestion) either sends your body into ‘fight or flight’ (stress) or rest mode. The application of pressure therapy tells it to go into “rest” mode, reducing some of the symptoms of anxiety like quickened heart rate and breathing. This pressure therapy has the same effect as when you are being cuddled and hugged, you feel relaxed. Well, that is why these blankets make you feel relaxed.

The evenly applied weight stimulates the production of serotonin (happiness hormone), reduces cortisol (stress hormone) and increases melatonin (sleep hormone). Better sleep makes sweeter dreams!

Let the reviews speak!

All Remy products are based on research conducted by sleep scientists, but it doesn’t stop there for them. They want to know how much Remy has helped people sleep so they conducted a survey of over 300 customers who have slept with Remy for over 30 nights. In this study:

- 83% said Remy helped them have a better sleep.

- 90% said they feel less stressed and more relaxed when under their Remy weighted blanket.

- 75% said they fell asleep faster using Remy.

To Remy, these results speak loud for their company. Based on Trustpilot, they were rated 4.5/5 and one of their customers Emily Hayden, stated “my mornings have been brighter after sleeping under my Remy weighted blanket”.

Clearly, Remy blankets are revolutionary products they put practicality and design into the weighted blanket and we love what Remy does in order to help improve people's sleep.

Sweet dreams!


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