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Napping Isn't Just for Children

In your early stages of life, you loved to sleep. You may not remember much of it, but you slept at least 14 hours daily. Wouldn't that be nice as an adult? As we grow older, napping becomes less of a necessity and more seen as an unproductive way to spend the precious daytime. Sadly, our responsibilities pick up, stress levels increase, and we cannot lose too much time to sleep. Naps allow children's bodies and minds to rest and recharge as they grow and develop. Similarly, for adults, naps boost memory, reduce stress levels, and increase alertness; additionally lifting your mood. Working a napping routine into your daily work life can significantly improve performance.

Why Children Nap

As stated above, naps benefit children greatly. The main reason children nap is to develop growth hormones created by the body while sleeping; this is crucial for a child's quickly growing body. But as adults, that isn't entirely important to us. What else do children gain from waking up after their daily nap? A study on preschool children showed that napping increased performance in a memory game. There was an increased showing in preschoolers who nap daily over those who do not. Napping also puts kids in a better mood. Research claims that toddlers who miss even one nap become less interested, less excited, and anxious, and even the slightest stress aggravates them. Napping's effects are similar between children and adults when it comes to the mental aspects.

Why Adults Should Nap

When working, no matter what type of job, fatigue will kick in; we found that this affects 88% of people. The more tired you are, the less inclined you are to do your work. Is there a solution to this? The short answer is naps. Two MIT economists researched employees at a data entry job napping during the workday. Pedro Bessone and Frank Schilbach, the two economists, found that after three weeks of daily 30-minute naps, the employees had increased their productivity by 2.3%. Overall, napping has a positive impact on working adults. It offers various health benefits for adults, including relaxation, increased alertness, improved mood, and performance.

We get it, though; napping isn't for everyone, and some people have trouble sleeping in places other than their own beds or during the day. But if you are experiencing sudden fatigue throughout the day, sleep loss, or just want to make napping a part of your routine, RestSpaceLDN can provide you with the necessary education and resources to get into a healthy, productive napping routine.

If you have any questions about Rest Space and our company, feel free to contact us here.


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