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Celebrate 25 Years of National Nap Day by Embracing the Power of Rest

In a world where percieved 'productivity' often takes precedence over rest, it's essential to pause and acknowledge the significance of National Nap Day.

Celebrating National Nap Day in 'The Era of the Brain'

A picture fof Camille W Anthony and William Anthony founders of National Nap Daynext to a licence plate that says napman.

National napping day was established 25 years ago in 1999 by Camille Anthony, a revered community leader, and William Anthony, a pioneer in the field of psychosocial/psychiatric rehabilitation and recovery. They were on a mission to shed light on the health and performance benefits of napping.

It is often said we are in the “The Era of the Brain” .This era marks a pivotal moment in scientific advancement, where our understanding of the brain and its complexities is rapidly expanding. Thanks to significant strides in technology and increased funding for neuroscience research, we're witnessing a convergence of disciplines aimed at unraveling the mysteries of the mind.

“This is such a cool time to be a neuroscientist because the tools available now make this a golden era to study the brain.” - MITs Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences PHD Mitch Murdock

As result our understanding of sleep has evolved significantly, including discoveries such as the glymphatic nervous system, unveiled just 11 years ago!! These advancements underscore the visionary foresight of Camille and Bill, who dared to challenge the stigma surrounding napping and championed its integration into the workplace.

Camille ad Bill released an indepth book 'The Art of Napping at Work' one of my go tos on the challenges and approaches many can take in the workplace to build cultures that value rest. Offering practical insights, it tackles the stigma around napping and advocates for its integration into organizational culture. From creating rest spaces to flexible schedules, the book provides actionable strategies to prioritize rest for enhanced productivity and well-being. With compelling anecdotes and scientific evidence, Camille and Bill empower readers to reimagine productivity and embrace a healthier approach to work.

Take a Nap at Work this National Nap Day

As we celebrate National Nap Day, let's honor the legacy of these two pioneers by having a nap. Here are some tips to make the most of your nap and reap its benefits:

  1. Find a Quiet Space: Create a peaceful environment conducive to relaxation, free from distractions and noise.

  2. Set a Timer: It's not about risky napping where you wake up not knowing if 10minutes or 3 hours have passed.

  3. Practice Relaxation Techniques: Incorporate deep breathing exercises or meditation to help calm the mind and body before drifting off to sleep.

  4. Encourage your team and collegues to do the same: Ask them how their naps were and encorage open support of napping in the work day.

By incorporating regular naps into our routine, we can enhance our well-being, boost productivity, and honor the legacy of Camille and Bill's groundbreaking advocacy. So, let's celebrate National Nap Day by embracing the power of rest and prioritizing our health and happiness.


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