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Welcome To Rest Space


Introducing Rest Space

Bringing you happier, healthier and more productive employees - Rest Space has designed the best space to rest at work, based on the latest sleep research.


We offer a way to improve health and wellbeing in the workplace, whilst tackling the stigma of napping by providing a practical solution to fatigue as well as helping people learn more about their sleep.

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The Product

We've created a fully enclosed, private space for employees to nap or rest during the working day. Inspired by the traditional Japanese capsule hotels' nap pods with the fully enclosed space for sleep, we've designed the rest space with comfort and wellness in mind - there's no better place to nap at work.


The newest model, The Rest Space Everest, is the stackable version made from sustainable materials, using hospital-grade antimicrobial fabrics, with ventilation fans and sound-reducing inside the rest space. There are Bluetooth speakers and soothing lights to help you sleep better. These key features and benefits are informed by the latest sleep science. 

We want to empower people and businesses to be the best version of themselves through rest.

Meet the Team


If you want to revolutionise your workplace and the health and wellbeing of your employees, get in touch. For collaborations, rentals or any further information contact us.

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