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Transitioning back to Normality

As we slowly ease back into some sort of normality a lot of us have picked up new skills and habits over the last 3 or so months. If you have forged or rediscovered old hobbies or habits while staying at home; consider making those into part of your normal routines.

A couple of things I have been told from my network is that a lot of them have tried out napping, many have started gardening and baking and almost everyone has tried out something new during this period and have come to a conscious decision to maintain it. But with the positive comes some negatives too; lockdown was a period that also affected a lot of people’s mental health. The fear of the virus, isolation and worries for friends and family was on a lot of people’s minds but now as we move forward we can heal, reflect and adapt.

We have listed some things that you may want to consider coming out of lockdown:


You may not want to admit it but some of you have definitely picked this up working from home. Whether it's a conscious nap after lunch or sneaking in a shut eye at some point during the day between work video calls; you realised that you had a burst of energy shortly and thereafter. As humans we have a dip in temperature after lunch; biologically programmed for us to have a short rest. Listen to your body and bring this productivity burst when you return to the workplace.


A survey conducted by King’s College London in partnership with Ipsos MORI has shown that 50% of UK residents aged 16-75 has shown disturbed sleep during the lockdown period, with 2 in 5 people reported that they had less sleep each night on average and 3 in 10 saying they have slept more but feel less rested.

The return to normality will result in some changes in our habit but something to keep a close eye on is your sleep. Try to keep a consistent sleep schedule and focus on having a routine, whether it is putting your electronic devices away or having a non-caffienated drink before heading to your bed.

Sleep is important for your physical and mental health; sleep helps us recover and heal our bodies as well as process the memories and information we formed when we are conscious. 

Habits and hobbies

If you have picked up an activity during the last few months such as baking sourdough or planting the leftovers of your meals, this would be the perfect time to include them in your schedule as it reverts back to normal.

Think about what was meaningful to you when you didn’t have to travel into your workplace and notice the little things that made you now a better version of yourself. Lockdown may have been the perfect excuse to do the things you have been putting off.

Make lockdown the best thing that ever happened to you by keeping the greatest things about it; those naps, habits and practices that served you well throughout and will keep serving you during your future.

Get in touch with RestSpaceLDN if you would like to learn more about this topic.


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