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Are Nap Pods the missing piece in Workplace Wellbeing Design?

In today's bustling work world, where every moment counts, the quest for employee happiness and health is at an all-time high. Enter rest spaces – the superhero solution transforming workplace wellbeing design!

Rest spaces, sometimes known as nap pods, are cosy nooks designed to whisk employees away from the daily grind. With features like full privacy, customisable lighting, and soundproofing magic, these pods create a serene escape where stress melts away and energy levels soar.

With 4 workplace surveys showing that rest spaces are at the top of the wish list for improving workplaces. 

  • Facilities Management Journal research put rest spaces as the second most popular office space benefits after garden spaces followed by games rooms, gym space and coffee bars

  • Kitt Managed Office provider found nearly half of UK workers express a desire for regular naps during their office day, with rest spaces as one of the top desired workplace amenities.

  • Workthere flexible office specialist, surveyed UK office workers to find out what makes them happy and productive in the workplace. Those aged 18-25 named napping pods (23%) as one of their top amenities, followed by the gym and office pets.

  • Cosmopolitan's Future of Work survey: Millennials, who are more likely to swap a hefty paycheck for nap room

Why are nap pods such a big deal for better workplace wellbeing design?

Studies reveal that naps during the day lead to sharper focus, brighter moods, and turbocharged brainpower. By offering employees a mini sanctuary, companies can support the challenges faced day to day and spark a productivity revolution.

Not only do rest spaces make for happier and healthier employees, but they also champion inclusivity. Whether it's parents seeking a breather, travellers battling jet lag, carers who spent the night awake, , neurodiverse colleagues seeking some solitude or anyone craving a quiet timeout, these wellbeing spaces are a haven for all.

And here's the kicker – well-rested employees are the secret sauce for business success! Research shows they're more engaged, creative, and resilient, leading to a happier workforce and better bottom-line results.

By weaving these cosy cocoons into the workplace, businesses showcase their dedication to fostering a culture of care and support.

Rest spaces are the MVPs of workplace wellness design, so it's no surprise that employees are clamouring for them. By giving employees a dedicated space to recharge and rejuvenate, businesses can unlock a happier, more energised, and downright unstoppable workforce. As the importance of wellbeing takes centre stage, nap pods are leading the charge towards a brighter, healthier future in the modern workplace!

Get in touch if you want to find out more.

Workplace Wellbeing Design Rest Space nap pod in modern office


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