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3 things that can improve your nap when working from home

Is there a right way to nap when you are working from home?

When working from home it is usually difficult to get into a healthy routine. Many of us end up glued to our work and don’t take the breaks we need.

It is easier to be inactive as the toilet is closer and the walk to get a coffee is shorter. There is no lunchtime gym class and the boundaries between work and home become blurred.

One of the joys I quickly found when working from home was being able to get a nap in during the day. Many people have told us the same, they have nowhere to nap at work but they love to have a nap when they work from home and it does wonders for their productivity.

As I’ve started to discover, napping regularly is part of a healthy lifestyle and if done right is great for your productivity, creativity, and health. Now many of us are working from home making this a great chance to perfect and improve our napping habits.

If you are going to spend 20 mins to an hour napping, how can you get the most out of your time?

Getting an early morning or post-lunch nap was something I looked forward to on my work from home days. In the beginning, these days were few and far between but as many workplaces adapt and made them mandatory I found myself working from home regularly. I started to revisit my napping at home habits and improve them as I had the luxury of doing so more frequently.

Here are some of the things I learned to improve my nap quality:

If you would like to know more about how you can improve your nap when working from home get in touch with RestSpaceLDN.


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