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RestSpace Everest

average rating is 4 out of 5

We've created the best space to rest

After years of struggling to find a place to recharge in the workplace, we decided to create a space of privacy and tranquillity. A place to rest, breathe and unwind.


It’s a simple idea that can change the way we live by empowering people to be more productive, focused and creative, in the moments that matter most.

At [Rest Space], we have created the perfect environment; designed with comfort and warmth in mind. It uses sustainable woods that can allow the user to feel calmer and switch off faster.  There is no better place to recharge at work.

Get your own [Rest Space] and have the best place to recharge.



Variety of soothing lights to help you rest


Bluetooth speakers to help you relax with soothing sounds


Minimise noise with sound absorbing and blocking layers


Wipe clean mattress, keeping it fresh


Quiet fans to help circulate the air inside


To ensure you rest time is not interrupted



2122mm (L) x 1154mm (W) x 1589mm (H)


RestSpace Everest Commercial 1

RestSpace Everest Commercial 2


Air ventilation and

 antimicrobial fabrics


Spacious undisrupted privacy


Voice-controlled soothing lighting and sounds


Designed to your needs, backed with data and integrated with support 



Here at Rest Space, we understand the importance of your health and wellbeing and it is an utmost priority to us, we have taken additional measures to help prevent diseases and bacteria from spreading with anti-microbial surfaces and improved ventilation in our Rest Spaces.

Contact us to find out more.

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Marcel Fowler

Screenshot (479).png

An amazing and rejuvenating experience, the rest space team have managed to create a real sanctuary within an office.

Elvis León

Screenshot (479).png

This sleeping pod saved my life. Thank you for creating a space to rest and reenergize.

Mirella Koleva 

Screenshot (479).png

Great place for a recharge!

I was so happy when I found out we were getting a rest space in the office! It instantly made me more relaxed to know that I could always have a lie-down if I felt a bit worn out at any point during the day.

The rest space was very convenient and easy to use: it has a handy shoe compartment underneath and a shelf inside where you can leave your phone and bag. It locks from the inside securely. The bed is clean, hygienic and comfortable.

I very much enjoyed having some down time in the rest space. The only thing I regret is that I didn't book it for longer!

Tom Dowler

Screenshot (479).png

As a notorious nap pod sceptic, I was surprised by just how comfortable Rest Spaces are. It's safe to say it completely changed my mind on the topic - its carefully thought out design allowing me to get a proper rest in before I continued to work hard in the afternoons.

Quality design accompanied by a very impressive sleep consultation, ironing out some issue's I've had for years. Game changer for the office!

Manuel Martínez

Screenshot (479).png

So happy to be able to take a break without people judging me for it! I've always found that I'm most productive after a quick nap so having a restspace in the office has been a game changer.

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