People are the backbone of any business

We want to empower them to be the best version of themselves

Air purification and

 antimicrobial fabrics


Spacious undisrupted privacy

Voice-controlled soothing lighting and sounds

Designed to your needs, backed with data and integrated with support 




We've created the best space to rest

After years of struggling to find a place to recharge in the workplace, we decided to create a space of privacy and tranquillity. A place to rest, breathe and unwind.


It’s a simple idea that can change the way we live by empowering people to be more productive, focused and creative, in the moments that matter most.

At [Rest Space], we have created the perfect environment; inspired by the traditional Japanese capsule hotels with its fully enclosed space.

The design was built with comfort and warmth in mind; it uses sustainable woods that can allow the user to feel calmer and switch-off faster

Get your own [Rest Space] and have the best place to recharge

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