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How do I Attract and Retain Talent in the Workplace?

An employee team meeting in the workplace, relaxed in the office

Everyone wants the best talent in their company, and for them to want to stay as the business grows. Whether that is finding a new approach into retaining employees especially post-pandemic, or introducing new strategies into attracting the most skilled individuals. These present the biggest challenges in today’s ever-changing world.

Crafting the best offices, putting on a good first impression, and offering flexible working that would allow people to work beyond their best abilities has become more crucial than ever, as well as ensuring the top talent remains productive and happy to continue being loyal to their company. Both potential candidates’ and present employees' expectations of a good working space is a huge topic these days and it is important to be able to adjust to the working atmosphere and conditions that would be ideal today, compared to what people would have imagined suitable 10, 20, or 30 years ago.

Offering Flexible Working

With the pandemic, working from home became the norm, and it soon became recognisable that a large percentage of the employed population enjoyed the flexibility it offered, with people being able to have more control of their routines, including better sleeping patterns and being able to rest more - which is, of course, important to be able to do their best at work. A lot of people were also found considering career changes or starting their own businesses, becoming self-employed. Cece Philips, a 24-year-old history graduate from London, quit her job at one of the world’s biggest advertising companies to follow her artistic dreams. “I’ve gone from working a large office in Soho to being at home painting in my bedroom,” she told the BBC. More flexible working options may enable employees to get the benefits they seek in being self-employed while still working for your company. And for those with more passions, an opportunity to pursue their passions while still contributing to your company.

The Great Resignation is a phenomenon that describes record numbers of people leaving their jobs after the COVID-19 pandemic ends. Companies now have to navigate the ripple effects of the pandemic and re-evaluate how to retain talent.

The employee desire for flexibility and employer concern is driving the future of work. With a survey conducted by The Harris Poll, they found two main reasons pushing people to make career changes so suddenly: one being that employers felt they weren’t being understood enough or “providing empathy”, and the second being that people have begun “leaning into flexibility” and how they work. With this in mind, given the last two years, it is important for employers to see what changes they may need to make within their companies. This could be making it part of company culture to talk openly with employees about future career goals and facilitating these goals. Another goal would be to understand your individual employee needs and create the work environment to support them.

Creating the Right Workplace

Notable branding within a modern working area, offering rest spaces, providing a positive work-life balance, with the option of flexible working, are all key points to take into consideration when revisiting how comfortable one could be in a business to help it thrive as a whole. Be creative and bold with the design of the area that is made available for your employees to succeed! It contributes to improving company culture and is sure to lift up the performance of the staff, as having a resting area would too.

Many reports have shown that naps as short as 10 minutes can give people a boost to carry on for the rest of their working day. “Not only does it help your immunity, but there is very clear evidence that it increases your cognitive processing, your cognitive thinking and your creative thinking,” as said by sleep expert James Maas. With an area for employees to be able to rest midday they are more likely to feel less stressed or tired, and more appreciative of their job. A bit of sleep between tasks can create healthier mindsets, and it may also make them feel more seen by their employers. It's also a great way to encourage current talent to come into office, and to captivate potential talent!

Know Your Company's Values

When searching for new talent, it’s vital to have a clear view of your company’s goals and values. This would give future candidates a better idea of how good of a match they would be for your company and avoid any issues that may arise, such as the candidate wanting to leave after a short while due to having different expectations. It’s critical to have the right target audience in mind when searching for these candidates. Employees are more likely to become more engaged within the company and have better chances of developing their work if their values align with the business values. It would also be a good attracting point if the business is aware of what their purpose is, defining what they do and why.

It is always important to make your staff feel respected and satisfied with what they have as well as what they are doing in their role. All employees should be seen as equal and listened to. Being able to acknowledge and discuss what is being done and what could be done for the workplace well-being of the team and future prospects to keep them for the long run of growing a company is the right way forward.

It may be difficult adjusting to the changing trends in the workplace nowadays, but starting with being able to recognise that something needs to be done is always a good move. Letting employees flourish will evolve the company in itself, and the first step is to outlining how to be able to do that. A few simple choices such as giving the option of flexible-working, making the workplace more enjoyable, and having an open view of the company’s missions can make a big change to the way an organisation works. The outcome will bring happier, more loyal employees that produce excellent performances, leading to faster and better growth of the company.

For any more information, or questions about how to follow through with some of our tips and ideas, feel free to get in contact with our team at Rest Space who are more than happy to help!


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