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Celebrating Purple Tuesday - Creating more inclusive work environments

An Inclusive Work environment with happy employees

What does diversity and inclusion look like in your work environment?

How are we serving those who work for us?

Does it include providing spaces for people to rest at work?

I have the privilege of knowing someone close to me who has shared their need to nap story. They mentioned that they need to nap most days due to the side effects of their long-term illness.

Working in a competitive finance field, they excel at work but they feel they are held back by not having the option to be in the office when they want.

She confides:

"That 15-minute nap does wonders for me, keeping me at the peak of my productivity and energy. The challenge is that I have nowhere to nap while at work.

She has to choose between working at home because of the opportunity to nap or being in the office to build connections but not operating at their peak. Management knows that being supportive of her health challenges doesn’t change the fact that the office isn’t set up to accommodate them.

The benefits of napping cannot be overemphasised. It's not a luxury but a necessity.

Just 20 minutes of quality naps can enhance memory retention, sharpen focus, and even lower blood pressure, propelling us to new heights of achievement and well-being, and giving you an edge at work.

Napping is great for everyone but there are some people for whom it is essential for managing their unique circumstances.

I recently met a lawyer who shared their need to nap story,

“I have anaemia, and a 20 min rest makes such a difference to my day. I am so lucky my company provides a space and that my manager understands."

Their story resonates with many who face similar hidden challenges; whether autism, narcolepsy, circadian disorders, chronic illness, or migraines, a rest pace can be a game changer, empowering these individuals to bring their best into their work.

Creating more inclusive work environments means having a space at work that can provide privacy and silence - a space to shut off from the busy workplace. Work environments for many of us can be demanding on our energy and overwhelming to be in for long periods of time.

A space designed to provide the best possible environment for everyone. Napping isn't just about comfort; it's about promoting better and improving health and well-being.

We champion inclusivity in the workplace and the importance of creating spaces for everyone to thrive.

During #PurpleTuesday, let's stand together for a more diverse, accessible, and inclusive world. Because inclusivity isn't just a concept; it's a promise we deliver through Rest Space, one nap at a time. 💜


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